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Robtaevious Madden, or Rob as he prefers to be called, is a photographer, videographer, filmmaker, actor, editor, writer, and content creator who was born and raised in Valley, Alabama.

Rob first started his acting journey back in 2013. A friend by the name of Kimberly Dawn approached him about doing a photo shoot with photographer K. Bryant. After the photo shoot, Kim convinced Rob to use his photos to submit for a background role of an independent film that she was a part of. Though he was apprehensive, he agreed to submit and the journey began.

After submitting for and landing various background gigs, such as," Lets Stay Together, Vampire Diaries, The Haves and Have Nots, and a featured extra role on TV One's original movie Merry Ex-Mas", he scored his first ever TV lead role on TV One's "Fatal Attraction". After landing the Fatal Attraction role, the acting bug had officially bitten him.

Rob always had goals to write his own content and that's exactly what he did. He started writing short skits and filming and editing them all from his iPhone. That experience he built during this process would come in handy for what was ahead of him in his future plans.

Rob began to submit for independent films in 2014 and he landed his first short film titled "1 Kiss 2 Bullets" in which he was nominated for "Best Actor". Although he didn't win the award, this fueled him and pushed him to work harder. In 2015, he landed his first web series titled "Black After These Messages". In the next months after he landed roles in multiple short films and web series' like "Beyond Fixated, Fighting Angels, College Boyfriends, The Single Life, and High Heels" just to name a few.

In 2020, Rob started his very own media company named "Ry Media Company. Ry Media company specializes in photography, videography, filmmaking, and graphic design. Since starting Ry Media Company in 2020, Rob has done numerous photoshoots, numerous video shoots, and has produced, edited, and filmed 8 of the films under the Ry Media Company umbrella. With more credits to add to his resume, Rob is promised to leave a lasting impression in the world of show business and the filming industry.

Robtaevious Madden: Image
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